Confession #3: Poking the Fire

If there’s anything I got out of this Gateway course, it is the hunger for making myself laugh. I really enjoy poking fun with my writing. This sentiment is expressed in my Confession #1,  but I am becoming more and more aware of the ridiculousness of so many writing conventions and general norms. Now, I could let this ridiculousness boil inside me until I turn red with frustration… or I could instead poke at it with my writing in a playful (but honest) way to make myself red with laughter instead. I think I like that option much better. 

After I had chosen my Origin Piece, a film analysis, I moved on to my Genre Analysis. Now, film can be pretty pretentious. (I mean, I just called it film and not movies.) So, I decided to poke at this pretentiousness with my Genre Analysis, deciding to craft a condescending “guide to film analysis” in a way to hopefully make my reader ask… “is this girl self aware?”

I have found a love for that surprise factor through the assignments of this class. Writing can be whatever you want it to be – and there are so many ways to communicate your message. If there are so many ways to communicate these messages, why not make yourself laugh in the process? It certainly made my writing experience so much better in this class, and will be a thread I hope to weave in my future projects. 

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